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I’m a tech lover. I’m a father. I’m a husband. I’m an advisor. A speaker. A strategist. An Innovator. A disrupter. And I’m never satisfied that the way things are now is the way they have to be.

As a child growing up I can honestly say a was socially very awkward. I struggled to talk to people and was a mis-fit in school. I disliked the system itself and being spoon-fed information, but I was lucky enough to be academically gifted so I could achieve results without the need to study. I disliked my time at university too. A total of 6 days was all it took for me to realise the system wasn’t a fit for me and that I would always need to pave my own way in business.

My journey into entrepreneurship started when I was 13. My first business was selling mangoes that were falling on the side of the road. I would pick them up, box them and put them there for sale with an honesty tin. Then I made and sold my own computers. By 19, I had owned and sold a number of internet cafes. I made the decision to exit the day the iPhone was released and I knew that business was done.

My career and journey through business has shaped who I am as person as much as my family, friends and business mentors. I have probably spent over $1M on personal development and training over my life in a bid to overcome my awkwardness, social anxiety and to satisfy my hunger of learning alternatively. It was worth it and it worked.

Today I look back at my accomplishments and I can honestly say my biggest achievement in life is MYSELF. I sold tens of millions of dollars of real estate. I have spoken to well over 150,000 people globally over the last 5 years and spent in excess of 2500 hours on stage, presenting, training and facilitating. I have built a network of individuals that have personally allowed me to raise and assist others to raise in excess of $1B in capital and sales.

I have developed a core skill set over the last 15 years that allows me to transition seamlessly into almost any industry; relationship building, growth hacking, leading teams, capital raising, sales and marketing.

I discovered blockchain at the same time I had just decided to resign from a professional speaking and business coaching career that has spanned the last nine years. Having facilitated over 9000 individual business strategy sessions during this time and having gained an intimate knowledge of the scaling issues faced when growing a business, I knew instantly blockchain was here to stay and would change the game.

I spent the next 6 months immersing myself, watching thousands of hours on YouTube until 4 in the morning. I became obsessed with the potential of what lay ahead. I set up my own mining farm and re-ignited my speaking career, running a series of educational events that helped “newbies” enter the cryptocurrency space. The “Break into Bitcoin” series covered 5 cities across Australia over 6 months and helped over 8,000 people enter the crypto arena.

This opportunity has given me a unique perspective on the crypto eco system that most do not see or fully comprehend. The customer experience. The choke points. The scaling issues. The UX. The opportunities to build something different.

Today, I am busy applying my expertise and knowledge to building my own businesses in the crypto industry and helping others do the same. I am passionate about helping good humans realise amazing product ideas that can help the planet be a better place for our kids.

If it’s a VALUES MATCH and you have a disruptive project that can change the game, I can help bring your project to fruition.

If you need someone to speak some inspiring or intelligent words to other humans – I can do that too.

Lets connect! Peace.



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