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What Elon Musk, Rossco Paddison​ & You Have In Common…!

For me having invested in several businesses over the years; I have endured my fair share of moments of quiet desperation..

These are always times that were pivotal moments in each of these company’s growth. It didn’t matter how big the business challenge was, there is one resource that I have found to be an amplifier of each of these company’s growth. That amplifier was money. I’ve found increasing your earnings can fix 98% of business problems. Money isn’t and still isn’t the focus though.

Helping hundreds, thousands, millions or even billions of people has been. In fact in each of these moments of quiet desperation I endured; I would pull out a big sheet of paper, a whiteboard or even glass doors with posca pens.

And on theses surfaces I would make five lists:

1. Who do you know already that might need your help? (List Names)
2. Who do you know of, but haven’t connected with yet that might need your help? (List Names)
3. Who can you ask for referrals/introductions to connect with more people you can help? (List Names)
4. Who of the above can I contact directly? (List Names)
5. What action can I take to connect with each of the above names? (list actions)

Interestingly enough, I believe a similar process is what saved the famed Elon Musk from the demise of Space X and Tesla. He endured what almost silently millions of business owners endure everyday; crippling financial hardship. He had spent over $250 million dollars of his own money, had space rockets crash, experienced destructive production delays and was on the edge of having to let thousands of employees go. Then he filled out his “list of who he could help” and got on the phone relentlessly, until finally he secured one contract that turned it all around. A contract for almost a billion dollars from NASA. And now just last week, he pre-sold over 325,000 Tesla Model 3’s setting a world record for the largest product launch humanity has ever seen of $14 billion dollars.

Impressive, but how does this relate to you? A list of who you can help can change the future of your business; if you don’t give up on that list. The secret is to find out what these people need & want help with, then talk to them. Connect with their problem/pain and let them know you can help if they would like.

Now to overly simplify it: Help more people that need your help and your business/es will grow. As Elon did, so have I and so can you. It takes a very humble human to help others when you are in duress yourself. But knowing “it works”, makes it a lot easier to do. And we all admire it when you do!