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Three RULES of a successful crowdfunding launch (and any other launch)…

Let’s jump right in, here are the three launch rules..

1 —> IT’s TRUSTWORTHY Most campaigners don’t understand TRUST online is the most brutal headwind that any launch faces. RULE: Make your launch “believable and simple” in your marketplace.
2 —> IT’s FRICTIONLESS Anything that causes friction (aka stopping and starting) of momentum in your launch is fatal to conversions. RULE: Make your marketing a journey that the user effortlessly can follow without stagnation.

Serious failures occur when people overestimate their ability to connect with others. 1% of the 1% that stumble across your launch will make a purchase. RULE: Make your goal relevant to your actual ability to reach your community. If you can follow these simple rules you will create a snowball effect and go from launch to launch with greater success every time.


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