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RANT AHEAD: The Disgraceful World Changers…

I really want to swear but since most 13 year olds have Facebook accounts these days, I will withhold.. Instead I think I will call people pickles, fruit cakes & banana heads… (I’m embracing my maturity, I know)

The other day this guy was telling me at length how he is going to change the world by tearing down all the systems that exist and by destroying the world’s billionaires… He was really quite an impolite pickle in his storytelling process!

What I found that truly made him a banana head though was his total disrespect to his forefathers. He makes it out as if everything is broken..

When clearly everything is like 9 million times easier, even his fifth great grand pa pa would have had to fight off diseases that we can cure in seconds now or take a couple of months to get from Sydney to Brisbane by horse and cart…
I’m not disputing that humanity has some improving to do, but for the sake of our future stop freaking complaining about how broken everything is.

“Humanities future isn’t broken, it has the best chance it’s ever had.”

99.9% of everything is better than ever before….

Technology has caught up to the needs of our growing species. Knowledge has exponentially been shared with everyone having an encyclopedia and more in their smart phone these days.

How about we get grateful for all the amazing resources we have access to already rather than running around sounding like a bunch of fruit cakes…

Anywho I digress to the useful part of this post.

Use the resources that are already here, including the so called systems you label as broken and create something useful for the rest of humanity. Rather than cutting into everyone who sticks their head up with an idea, be actually useful. I believe the best way to be useful right now is to grow a business that serves an ever-growing number of people, that helps solve the problems we will face together next.

Business provides a model to scale & immortalize useful ideas better than any other I’ve seen…

So thank you banana heads for reminding me of why I do what I do, it’s to make sure that the most useful perspectives are found.